The name 'Ohio' comes from the Seneca word Ohi:yo, which literally means 'good river'.

Seven of the U.S. presidents were born in Ohio: Ulysses S. Grant (Point Pleasant), Rutherford B. Hayes (Delaware), James A. Garfield (Moreland Hills), Benjamin Harrison (North Bend), William McKinley (Niles), William H. Taft (Cincinnati), and Warren G. Harding (Blooming Grove)

The cash register was invented in Dayton, Ohio by James Ritty in 1879 and patented in 1883. View the patent.

Thomas Alva Edison, famous inventor and businessman, was born in Milan, Ohio in 1847.

Garrett Morgan, an African-American inventor and businessman from Cleveland, Ohio, invented the gas mask's predecessor and traffic signal.

Campbell Hill is the highest point in Ohio at 1,549 feet above sea level.

Ohio forests in the 1700s covered 95% of the state.