The Ohio Library is an informational web site and gemini capsule about the State of Ohio. The goal is to provide useful Buckeye State information sans the excesses and harms of the present day World Wide Web.

In other words, we're an Ohio-centric knowledge base free of ads, JavaScript, keyloggers, pop-ups, analytics, cookies, web beacons, canvas fingerprinters, auto-play videos, parallax scrolling, and other nonsense found everywhere else on the internet.

Beyond avoiding the pitfalls of the modern web, we have a work-in-progress Resources page, which we hope will become a useful Open Source repository of Ohio-related data in the future. To keep up with future Ohio developments, we will likely provide a way to submit new information, or start a Git repo where anyone can contribute.

The Gemini Protocol

If you're fed up with the debacle that is the Web, get a Gemini browser/client and check out The Ohio Library Gemini capsule: gemini://ohiolibrary.com

Privacy Policy

We do not track you or log IP addresses whatsoever.


All donations will go directly to offsetting costs associated with site maintenance.

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