The Ohio Library is back up after an outage. -August, 2023

We created a Lakes page. Might incorporate vanilla js to allow table sorting unless we can discover another approach. -March, 2023

Added a new State Nature Preserve page, and updated the logo to reflect rebranding. -November, 2022

We've changed our domain name to to better reflect this site's purpose. The logo and name will be changed to match the domain name in the future. -July, 2022

A new section has been added: meet the Forests page. With only 2 pages remaining, /locations is nearing completion. -June, 2022

We added a new Parks page! Added more historical places. Added a Donations address under the About section. -May, 2022

We have completed two new pages: Cities and Airports. In addition, we have added more downloadable data to Resources. -February, 2022

Added more Ohio Facts and History! Did maintenance for the Gemini server! -February, 2022

We've begun developing some of the History section, which previously contained nothing. -September, 2021

The Townships page now contains all township data. Txt and csv downloads will be added shortly. -August, 2021

We completed the 1st phase of the Islands page. -June, 2021

The Ohio Truth is still heavily Under Construction! We've added a Gemini capsule -April, 2021

Currently building the Locations section to The Ohio Truth. -March, 2021